If your company has a small, weak or ineffective brand name, your prospects aren’t exactly going to be confident in your business’s ability to fulfill their needs.

That’s why we provide brands that sound established, even if you aren’t yet.

Investing in a good brand name is one of the most cost effective ways of making your business sell.

What Ducite Design provides is more than simply a business name, but a brand.

Ultimately a good brand means you don’t have to spend as much on advertising or work as hard getting customers.

While at first glance business naming might seem like something you can just guess at there truly is a science to coming up with brands that stick in a potential customer’s mind.

How our business naming process works:

You will receive 3 – 5 unique names within 72 hours on your first round of names in our branding presentation.

If you aren’t certain with the first draft of names we come up with, we’ll keep working with you until we get it right. This is an important beginning piece of your business and it takes time to find its destination. Allow the process to happen and be open-minded with us. We encourage you to tell us every detail about your business intent so we can create a business name that is unique to you and your endeavor.

Step 1 – Industry Research

Our process consists of an initial research into your industry. We survey the competition to get a feel for who’s out there and what kind of image the industry is working with. We have worked in just about every industry so we have creative briefs for almost every business type imaginable.

After surveying the competition, we pore over your naming survey to make sure to get a solid feel for what you want to convey with your new name.

Step 2 – Creative Strategies & Research

Next, we go in to creative mode. Our team gets together into groups, to pore through branding books, your survey, and your competition all while tossing ideas back and forth until we separate the dud names from the stud names.

Step 3 – Final Results

Naming your business should never be based on software, it should be created based on some rules such as the meaning, the number of characters, how Google see the word meaning for better SEO results and much more. We utilize online tools to explore your industry using our foolproof business building rules. We then use exclusively designed software to search online for available domains that match the results of our creative study. After this process is complete we end up with a list of 3-5 brands that are timeless, memorable, and to your exact specifications.

At that point the brands are sent to you for critique. This whole development takes about 3 business days. We work our creative tails off to get you 3-5 naming choices, any of which will be ideal for your new company.

Let’s find out what you need and start building your brand.